We at UrgentMed After Hours Clinics appreciate the fact that medical emergencies do happen when they are least expected. Indeed, most emergencies happen at very inconvenient times when regular doctor offices and medical facilities are either closed or located some distance away.

That is why we exist to provide that critical medical care at a time you need it most. Consider UrgentMed as the extension of your primary or regular doctor. Unlike your regular doctor, however, we provide our medical care on an urgent basis. You can thereafter continue visiting your regular doctor as usual or as a matter or routine.

Why UrgentMed?

There are certainly other after hours clinics. However, we are different for several reasons:
• We provide urgent medical care at critical times when your regular doctor’s office or either closed or located at a distance. This, in most cases, happens to be on the weekends and late in the evenings.
• We pride ourselves in having highly qualified, experienced, and committed members of staff who go out of their way to provide you with the right medical care.
• We are always dedicated to your well-being as a patient.
• Our medical care charges are affordable compared to both Emergency and Urgent Care clinics.
• We have a hassle-free billing process.

Our Medical Services

We at UrgentMed provide a wide range of medical services to children, women, and adults in general.

We provide pediatric care specially tailored for children. These are children aged 18 years and below. Some of the tailored services include;
• Both acute and chronic conditions such as cold and flu, asthma and fractures.
• Eye care.
• Dental care.
• Breathing problems.
• Choking.
• Uncontrolled bleeding.
• Poisoning.
• Fainting, dizziness, and loss of consciousness.

We at UrgentMed remain live to the unique nature or health issues that affect women in general. That is why we have designed special medical care services specifically for women. We provide advanced care in the following areas;
• Family planning.
• Pelvic examinations.
• Pregnancy tests.
• OB-GYN care.
• Minor out-patient surgical procedures.

Our adult medical services are designed for both men and women aged 18 years and above. Our medical services for adults include;
• Both acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure among others.
• Physical problems including fractures.
• Mental problems.
• Dental care (fillings, extraction, and cleaning) among others.
• Eye care including diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma and cataract.
• Severe chest pain.
• Abdominal pain.
• Uncontrolled bleeding.
• Poisoning.
• Suicidal feelings.

Our ultimate aim at UrgentMed is to help our patients get and feel best at the critical time of need. That is our area of specialization. Indeed, our after hours centers have highly qualified and experienced experts in all the services that we provide.

Medical emergencies have never and cannot be foreseen. They happen when they are least expected and often at inconvenient times. There is really no need for worry. We at UgentMed After Hours Clinic are always prepared to address life-threatening emergencies when they happen.

You never know when you or a loved one may be confronted with a life-threatening emergency situation. That is when to call us regardless of the time of day. You will receive the quality care that you need at an affordable cost.

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